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Creative Economy

"The Otis Report on the Creative Economy make an important and unique contribution to a more complete global economic outlook by examining the economic impact of creativity in California and the Los Angeles region... [and] encourages investment in arts education, economic development, and cultural planning. It is critical that leaders from public, private, and nonprofit sectors work together to support this type of examination in order for the larger creative economy to continue to flourish and thrive." 

—Bruce W. Ferguson, President of Otis College of Art and Design, from the Welcome to the 2018 Otis Report on the Creative Economy

In 2019, Otis College has partnered with Beacon Economics for the first time to generate the Otis Report on the Creative Economy, an annual report since 2007 focusing on the ways in which California’s creative industries form an essential part of its overall economy. Now in its eleventh year, the Otis Report on the Creative Economy highlights local creative industries via eight regional snapshots, developed with support from the California Arts Council. The Otis Report is an invaluable tool to assess the tremendous impact and influence of the creative sector on the state and regional economy.

The 2019 Otis Report on the Creative Economy was released on Friday, February 1, 2019. Visit the 2019 Report site. 

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