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Incident Reports

Keeping Otis Safe

Students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to report all alleged policy violations to Campus Safety and Security (310-665-6965一道本不卡免费高清) or an appropriate College Official at any time. Anyone form Otis College may also report directly using the online reporting forms listed below.

If you are reporting an incident using the forms below, please read the brief descriptions for each reporting form and click on the corresponding link to get started. If you have any questions about reporting incidents, please contact the Dean of Student Affairs (for students), Dr. Nick Negrete at or the Vice President for Human Resources and Development (for staff/faculty), Karen Hill at

  • – Students, staff, and/or faculty may report an incident where there is possible evidence of a student violating the Academic Misconduct Policy, which can include any form of plagiarism (written or visual), fabrication, collusion, or any form of cheating
  • – Students, staff, and/or faculty may report an incident where someone may have been a victim of bias/discrimination, as it pertains to a protected class/category
  • – To report any concerning incident/event involving a student, such as students who are in distress
  • – To report an incident or injury involving a faculty or staff member
  • – To report an injury involving a student
  • – For students to report a general complaint or grievance to the College
  •   - Student Conduct (Behavioral) incidents that are suspicious or potential criminal act, and/or student conduct policy violation(s).
  •   - Reporting Title IX incidents such as, sexual assault/sexual harassment/stalking/dating violence. You may also contact Dr. Carol Branch, Title IX Coordinator at 310-846-2554 or at